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Moataz Fattal
I forgot the password and password for my account on the Mobile Watch Power application. With all due respect and appreciation to you.

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rating Johnny
Wanting to install watch power, however I require latest version.
Can anyone assist. 1.15 does not seem to be the latest version than the one I got with My inverter. Growcol 3KVA inverter/charger.
I seem to have the same problem as Nigel. The software does not allow me to setup Tha battery type as USE which then does not allow you to setup any battery self defined settings.
Let me know.

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rating Mahmood
Thanks for support.

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rating Nigel
There doesn't seem a lot of point of this site. Many complaints but no help from Watchpower.

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I am attepting to set up my Synapse 30V+ and Hubble AM4 24V Battery
I am logged in as administrator and set the battery type to user. l have set the Float charging voltage to 29V. It doesnt let me set anything else! The inverter manual says it allows equalisation voltage, duration and interval but Watchpower doesnt seem to know anything about that.
How do I go further?

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rating Sandy
This app is never accurate - for example the app will say the batteries are 70% and if you go check the batteries are sitting on 23% ?
Is there a work around this or maybe another app that will be able to assist

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Do this software can communicate with growatt inverter.

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Default password is 'administrator' Smile

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Question 1:
It's asking me for a password. How do I know what the password is?

Question 2:
How to pair the software with the inverter. (The cable is in place, I would like to know the software steps)


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Boby, default password is 'administrator' .

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rating Philip Maud
I have the app monitoring 2 RCT 5kw inverters.
All the functionality re solar, grid, battery and house work and display on the screen
The values of voltages and power seem to be correct
However the battery % is totally inaccurate. When the battery voltage is 51v the batteries are 100% full yet the app shows 40%. There seems to be no way to correct this in the app.
Also there seems to be no way of removing unwanted inputs shown on the home screen.
I even uninstalled the app and re-installed and they just reappear.
I hope that the developer takes note of these and corrects them in the next version

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John Miller
Philip Maud, I had the same problem with the battery % reading. My solution was to change the battery cut-off voltage to the minimum (in my case, 42v).

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Barry Pratt
Philip Maud,
Totally agree the battery icon is useless,my batteries are full at 56v when it reaches 56v then goes to battery power in the evening it shows about 65% full I have 96kws of storage so i have not used that amount of electricity

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I downloaded the Android app.

I registered last year December to the application. I did not have a strong enough intrnet connection to connect device then. Since I got fibre and extender my Wifi is better. My wifi connected to my Kodak inverter but now I cannot log into application because username and password wrong. I cannot fix it in app, what do I do?

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rating Adrian M
I bought an easunIV 5.6 kw inverter in June 2022 and the wifi monitoring worked for 4 months now, solarpower no longer connects to the module after step 3. Someone on the forum said that I have to delete the account created with solarpower and create a new one. can you help in this problem? Thank you ! The application does not have a graph through which you can see the basic parameters, sorry Sad

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Adrian M,
I had simmilar problem with Tommatech inverter(that's rebranded Voltronic).
Tried many different ways.No result.
Until try reconect with old phone.
And all start working again.
I write for APP comunication with phone.
Be notted.Not used with computer.
So,now ,time to time things repeat.
And i again use old phone to reconect inverter via WiFi .
What's the reason...still not understand.
No result when delete and reinstall APP,
No result when restart system.
If have sense,all that is with Blackview phone.

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Adrian Malaescu
Kristian, Acum 6 luni am patit asta si am rezolvat intradevar cu un tel mai vechi in cazul meu un Samsung core prime .A functionat de atunci bine . Acum am cerut stergerea contului pentru ca nu mai vedeam in aplicatie device-ul . Am sters device-ul din aplicatie dupa indrumarile celor de la Easun ,dar nu-l mai pot adauga pentru ca aplicatia spune ca exista asa ca am cerut stergerea contului cu device-ul specificat .Astept sa vad cand vor sterge contul .

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rating Damian Reed
I can't figure it out. I am not a computer programmer. I try following the instructions, it doesn't accept my new password, phone number or email address. I give up.

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rating Houssein
Very bad program.
It is so complicated.

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T phan
I changed my wifi box, now the module was not connected. How can I reset the module?

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