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An inverter monitoring software that can monitor devices via serial port
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Draco Good Day the Watchpower program in my view is not very helpful as many of the functions are dysfunctional and the reports generated are in pdf. Which is also dysfunctional, why was this not enabled to Excel, where you can calculate different things. I do not know the difference between 1.1 and 1.7 same functionality. Plus the dating and time function is are for people that do not know what they are actually looking at. I hope that the actual developers put some actual work into rectifying the problems that are in the software, as many people are utilizing this software and they are making a fool of themselves and the people.

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ceival When trying to make configuration changes the application asks for a password, which is not provided anywhere. How can I get it?

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SM When trying to install the software I get this error:

"The installation of WatchPower1.04SP1 is finished, but some serious errors occurred during the install. Please see the installation log for details."

How do I access the installation log, I don't see any other options.

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German Solar Service It is not available for RS485.

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tousenbus Sorry for my English, I'm french! The big problem with watchpower.exe downloads. v1.07, 1.0. My CD-ROM v1.06 is ok. I want to connect on a Raspberry Pi. I have the little dashboard. I think, we can just cut the cable (or make it!) after rj45 to have the 3 cables for connecting it directly on the patio of the rape!? Crazy that is so difficult in any case!

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ibr This problem is related to the version number of WatchPower and the version of Axpert inverter.
Some WatchPower versions just monitor those devices of Axpert that use the protocol P30 as a communication protocol, and others just for P15 and P16 protocols.
There is another problem with WatchPower, it can monitor multiple inverters, but the log data is not correct. I faced this problem with Axpert mks 1k and WatchPower 1.09.

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Kike I'm really disappointed with this application. I've connected an inverter to the computer (Linux and Windows OS) and it had been impossible to get any information. It seems there is some communication problem because any inverter device is displayed on watchPower software.
I've tested RJ45-DB9 RS232-USB wires and they work properly.

There is anyone who had same problems? Can you help me? Where is the problem?
Thanks in advance.

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marcusl Do you mean you can monitor the inverter stats from the home page but cannot download any information from the Data tab? I just solved my same issue by re-installing in the default directory (C:\SolarPower). If I re-install under the Program Files directory in Windows, I can monitor, but can't browse any data on the excel-like tabs. Pretty stupid bug, but that's how I fixed it.

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kike I've also had the chance to test WatchPower on a new inverter device with an USB connection. I've had the same problem. Any inverter device is displayed on WatchPower software.

I'm afraid installing WatchPower program is not enough because USB connection should work, but devices don't appear.

I'm completely frustrated. Any suggestions?

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kike I solved the issue with a specific USB-RS232 adapter, I think is a USBGEAR the wire.
Anyway, I have to say that WatchPower 1.09 lets me connect to the inverter when other versions don't work. If you are in troubles, just use Watchpower 1.09.

I think to buy a Raspberry pi 3 and install the monitoring software, does anyone know if WatchPower works on Raspberry pi?
Any alternative to WatchPower as a monitoring software? It's a bit tedious to export data every time, maybe there is another option that records information and shows it as a web app, I don't know. Any suggestion?

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Claude How can we install the software with Linux?

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kike Just extract files and give execute rights to WatchPower file. Then execute this file as administrator. That's it.

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Dan Stable software, more powerful reports will be good to have in next versions. As well as exporting raw data.

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fritserasmus I need to get in contact with WatchPower support or the developer.
I bought a inverter that has WatchPower CD in the box.

The software does not function correct on the inverter - it is missing certain values.

Can you please put me in contact with the right person?

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